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List of all additional features of the app

Gitabase Reader is a specialized reader application giving you useful features (also known as "additional features") like searching or taking notes to work with any file in Gitabase format.

It can be compared to a PDF reader or EPUB reader apps where you can open a document and use some built in functionality to work on it. Gitabase is a file format to work with and study sanskrit shlokas.

Gitabase files can be created using Gitabase Editor by some enthusiasts and then shared so that others could study texts contained in these files using Gitabase Reader for Android application.

Gitabase files (also known as Gitabase Package) are stored in the Gitabase folder on your device.

One can easily add new package to the app by copying Gitabase file to this folder using android file manager or desktop file manager after you connect your device to your desktop PC using USB cable.

Gitabase Package should follow a special naming rule - file name should start with "gitabase_" then followed by package nickname (also known as package type) and then followed by "_" symbol followed by 3 letter language abbreviation (language of the texts in the package).

The following are pages describing different features of the application for working with sanskrit texts:

Search all books *
Dictionary Tab
Text Highlighting
Adding questions/notes to highlighted text
Grouping texts by topics
Showing chapters in sanskrit
Reading Chapter Aloud
Backup and Restore your notes
Using links between texts *
Showing related texts
Show your notes in Chapters
Showing text translation
Comparing texts
Night Mode for Reading *
Adding Notes/Questions to texts
Editing Note Tags *
Browsing through famous shlokas
Page by Page Reading Mode
Nested Tags (Folders) *
External query handler
Compare two texts on one screen *
Extended Reading list *

* - paid features