Backup and Restore your notes

Elaborate description of the Gitabase Reader additional features

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Save you notes, questions, highlighted text fragments, topics, general notes to a file so that you could restore them in case you need to change your phone. Backups are created automatically every time you open application and saved to the Gitabase folder on your device.
Files are named as gitabase-reader-notes(Weekday index).db, where (Weekday index) is digit between 1 and 7.
One such file stores all your data.
You can also make a backup using command from the main menu on the library (L) screen. This command creates a backup file which can be used to restore your notes on another device.

To save your data to file,

please choose 'System Utils\Backup my notes' from the main menu.

To restore from backup:

1) Copy your backup file to the Gitabase folder or rename existing backup file by removing the weekday digit from its name. For example file gitabase-reader-notes7.db must be renamed to gitabase-reader-notes.db - which is the file name Gitabase Reader tries to restore your notes from. As mentioned earlier, this file must reside in Gitabase folder.
2) Choose 'System Utils\Restore My Notes from Backup' from app's main menu.