मन्य एतैर्महोत्पातैर्नूनं भगवतः पदैः ।
अनन्यपुरुषश्रीभिर्हीना भूर्हतसौभगा ॥२१॥

manya etair mahotpātair
nūnaṁ bhagavataḥ padaiḥ
hīnā bhūr hata-saubhagā

 manye - I take it for granted; etaiḥ - by all these; mahā - great; utpātaiḥ - upsurges; nūnam - for want of; bhagavataḥ - of the Personality of Godhead; padaiḥ - the marks on the sole of the foot; ananya - extraordinary; puruṣa - of the Supreme Personality; śrībhiḥ - by the auspicious signs; hīnā - dispossessed; bhūḥ - the earth; hata-saubhagā - without the fortune.


I think that all these earthly disturbances indicate some greater loss to the good fortune of the world. The world was fortunate to have been marked with the footprints of the lotus feet of the Lord. These signs indicate that this will no longer be.