सन्निवेश्य मनो यस्मिञ्छ्रद्धया मुनयोऽमलाः ।
त्रैगुण्यं दुस्त्यजं हित्वा सद्यो यातास्तदात्मताम् ॥१५॥

sanniveśya mano yasmiñ
chraddhayā munayo 'malāḥ
traiguṇyaṁ dustyajaṁ hitvā
sadyo yātās tad-ātmatām

 sanniveśya - giving full attention; manaḥ - the mind; yasmin - unto whom; śraddhayā - with faith and devotion; munayaḥ - great saintly persons; amalāḥ - freed from all contamination of sins; traiguṇyam - the three modes of material nature; dustyajam - very difficult to give up; hitvā - they can nonetheless give up; sadyaḥ - immediately; yātāḥ - achieved; tat-ātmatām - the spiritual quality of the Supreme.


Great sages, completely freed from material lusty desires, devote their minds fully to the service of the Lord. Such persons are liberated from material bondage without difficulty, and they become transcendentally situated, acquiring the spiritual quality of the Lord. This is the glory of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.