Gitabase Editor Simple User's Guide

To easily create one's own compilations of the vedic literatures in different languages, one should use "Gitabase Editor" (GE).

GE is a Lotus Notes Database which will store and manage all the texts for you and also has a button to save them in the Gitabase format.
The screen of the GE is divided into left navigation panel and right panel displaying what was choosen in the left panel.
Right panel would typically contain a list of records (or Documents speaking in Lotus Notes (LN) terms) organised into a table with columns. This table is called a View in LN.
LN document is a record of a particular type (called LN Form) containing your data.

It would take about 30 minutes to enter texts for a small book like Sri Isopanishad. In case of large books like Bhagavad Gita it is advisable to split work between several people.

If one person makes one chapter then it is possible then to "copy paste" records from different chapters into one final database and export it into SQLITE gitabase file.

1. Creating/Editing Book document

2. Creating/Editing Volume document

3. Creating/Editing Chapter document

4. Creating/Editing Text document

Please contact me using main menu on the Library screen in the Android Gitabase Reader App if you have any questions