शशंस पित्रे तत् सर्वं वयोरूपाभिलम्भनम् ।
विस्मितः परमप्रीतस्तनयां परिषस्वजे ॥२३॥

śaśaṁsa pitre tat sarvaṁ
vismitaḥ parama-prītas
tanayāṁ pariṣasvaje

 śaśaṁsa - she described; pitre - unto her father; tat - that; sarvam - everything; vayaḥ - of the change of age; rūpa - and of beauty; abhilambhanam - how there was achievement (by her husband); vismitaḥ - being surprised; parama-prītaḥ - was extremely pleased; tanayām - unto his daughter; pariṣasvaje - embraced with pleasure.


Thus Sukanyā explained how her husband had received the beautiful body of a young man. When the King heard this he was very surprised, and in great pleasure he embraced his beloved daughter.