śiro mat-pādayoḥ kṛtvā
bāhubhyāṁ ca parasparam
prapannaṁ pāhi mām īśa
bhītaṁ mṛtyu-grahārṇavāt

 śiraḥ - his head; mat-pādayoḥ - at My two feet; kṛtvā - placing; bāhubhyām - with the hands; ca - and; parasparam - together (grasping the feet of the Deity); prapannam - who am surrendered; pāhi - please protect; mām - me; īśa - O Lord; bhītam - afraid; mṛtyu - of death; graha - the mouth; arṇavāt - of this material ocean.


Placing his head at the feet of the Deity, he should then stand with folded hands before the Lord and pray, “O my Lord, please protect me, who am surrendered unto You. I am most fearful of this ocean of material existence, standing as I am in the mouth of death.”