न तदस्ति पृथिव्यां वा दिवि देवेषु वा पुनः ।
सत्त्वं प्रकृतिजैर्मुक्तं यदेभिः स्यात्त्रिभिर्गुणैः ॥४०॥

na tad asti pṛthivyāṁ vā
divi deveṣu vā punaḥ
sattvaṁ prakṛti-jair muktaṁ
yad ebhiḥ syāt tribhir guṇaiḥ

1 times this text was mentioned in purports to other texts: SB(1)

 na - not; tat - that; asti - there is; pṛthivyām - on the earth;  - or; divi - in the higher planetary system; deveṣu - amongst the demigods;  - or; punaḥ - again; sattvam - existence; prakṛti-jaiḥ - born of material nature; muktam - liberated; yat - that; ebhiḥ - from the influence of these; syāt - is; tribhiḥ - three; guṇaiḥ - modes of material nature.


There is no being existing, either here or among the demigods in the higher planetary systems, which is freed from these three modes born of material nature.


The Lord here summarizes the total influence of the three modes of material nature all over the universe.